Solid 2-in-1 Toner cleanser proudly made in Hong Kong.

Discover our range of vegan solid skincare, carefully crafted with only the purest ingredients from nature to nourish your skin. Our solid skincare products are not only effective in improving the appearance and texture of your skin, but also environmentally friendly as they are without plastic packaging.

Our range of vegan solid skincare includes a variety of products to meet your unique skincare needs. Our 2-in-1 solid face cleanser acts as both a cleanser and toner, gently removing impurities and toxins while also toning and hydrating your skin. Moreover, our face cleanser is formulated to be at skin pH, which helps maintain your skin's natural moisture barrier.

Additionally, our face essential oils provide high concentration antioxidants and vitamins to protect against environmental stressors.

What sets our range of vegan solid skincare apart is our attention to detail for each product. For example, our 2-in-1 solid face cleanser has a unique shape that is both practical and enjoyable to use.

The round shape of our face cleanser allows for gentle facial massage, while the flat surface evenly spreads the cleanser on your skin.
All of our products are made in Hong Kong, using only the highest quality and ethically sourced ingredients. Our products are freshly made to ensure the best essential oils properties are preserved.

Features list

  • Active Essential preserved

  • Premium Essential oils

  • 100% Vegan

  • No Plastic

  • No Strange chemical

  • Soft for the skin

  • No artificial fragrance

  • No animal testing

    Face Detoxifier

    • Regenerate
    • Heal
    • Tone the skin.

    Face Nourishment

    • Detoxifying
    • Soothing the skin
    • Hydrating

    Face Refreshment

    • Regenerate
    • Soothe the skin
    • Calm

    Face Repair

    • Calm
    • Stimulate
    • Regenerate the skin

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