We live in Hong Kong, and we aim to protect our skin and the ocean with natural products without plastic.


In addition, we also care about our planet and strive to give back to the community.

Therefore, 10% of our profits go to a non-governmental organization dedicated to preserving the ocean. By supporting our products, you not only help nourish your skin but also contribute to a good cause.
Furthermore, we offer a body cleanser specially designed for its aromatherapy benefits.

Our body cleanser has a carefully selected natural fragrance to promote relaxation and improve your mood. Each use of our body cleanser envelops you in a subtle scent that helps you relax and reduce stress, while leaving your skin soft and fresh.

Our achievement

With all your support we have so proud to have done in 2022:

% plastic free


by purpose



delivered in 2022
HK $5000


destinated to ocean foundation in Hong Kong

new formulation

Developed by our scientists

Proud to be partner with HK governement against micro plastic

Progressively phase out rinse-off PCCPs containing microbeads in Hong Kong — reducing their emission and potential impact at source; Enhance public’s understanding of microbead-related subjects — relating our living to the environments; and Facilitate consumers in choosing microbead-free products — shaping green lifestyles.

We aim to become certified by B-corp

As a purpose company we aim to become better and be part of B-corp movement as soon as we can. We all commit about this goal.